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Lavender Pillow Spritz

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Like breathing in the aroma of a freshly-gathered bouquet of flowering lavender! Refresh your sheets and linens with the calming scent. Will soothe frazzled nerves and calm the senses for a wonderful night's rest.

Not only does lavender relieve tension during waking hours, it can also help lull you to sleep. The scent can help shorten the length of time it takes to fall asleep and help ease you into deep, REM sleep even faster. While you sleep, your skin recuperates and regenerates, so the more sleep you get, the better your skin recovers from any damage done the day before.

This all-natural spray can also be used on your clothes and body, so feel free to spritz away!

To use: Lightly spritz your pillows and sheets approximately 5 minutes before resting your body for the night.

Comes in 2-ounce frosted glass bottle with spritz pump.

♥ Vegan formula.


Pure lavender essential oil in a base of lavender hydrosol (grown in the Pacific Northwest without pesticides or fertilizers)


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