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Another one of our favorites. A simple, lovely facial oil of organic German chamomile-infused Jojoba oil. Infused right here under the California sun, it has the non-greasy moisturizing and antioxidant properties of the Jojoba oil with the skin-soothing anti-inflammatory benefits from the chamomile.

Chamomile is one of the best skin care herbs available. It is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. It is also considered to be hypoallergenic with the ability to neutralize skin irritants, revealing a healthy and radiant complexion.

This infused oil is suitable for all skin types, but is especially helpful for those with sensitive skins that are prone to inflammation.

Fun fact: Jojoba oil is technically not an oil at all. Structurally and chemically, Jojoba is very similar to the human sebum produced by the skin's sebaceous glands. It is non-toxic, non-comedogenic (won't clog your pores) and non-allergenic with a non-greasy feeling in use.

This is a 4mL sample size vial.

To use: A little goes a long way; you don't want to apply too much when using on your face. Simply apply just 4-5 drops to fingertips, rub together, and gently pat into skin.

NOTE: Please do not use if you are allergic to any of the Asteraceae family of plants – these include chamomile, celery, ragwort, daisy, calendula, or chrysanthemum.



Organic jojoba oil infused with organic German chamomile flowers.

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Martha M.
Chamomile infused jojoba oil

I love this stuff it’s really moisturizing and doesn’t make my face super greasy.! 👍


Like all of the samples, this one lasts me about a month, but I really just want to bathe in a bathtub full of it. It's so far my favorite of the infused oils, and it calms the redness on my face so quickly. I can't express how much I love it~

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